Professor Nick Stafford, Chair of the Daisy Appeal Charity,  received a New Year Honour for his work for medical research and healthcare.  Nick received his OBE for his work with the Daisy Appeal Charity which he founded in 2000. Following the charity’s full registration in 2002 work was well underway with the first project, to build and equip a medical research building at Castle Hill Hospital. The Daisy Appeal Research and Development Building opened in 2008. Costing £8.5 million to build and equip and provides;

  1. Research laboratory and clinical trials facilities which have resulted in achieving a research grant income in excess of £7 million over the last five years.
  2. Training and education facilities for medical undergraduates from the Hull York Medical School.
  3. An 80 seat conference facility and associated seminar rooms
  4. Accommodation for the Trust and Medical School’s R&D staff who oversee local medical research activities

Capitalising on existing strengths in medical imaging in the sub-region the next venture was to establish an internationally renowned Positron Emission Tomography – CT Scanning Centre (Phase 2a) at Castle Hill Hospital. The aim was to create in Hull the UK’s first fully comprehensive scanning service, bringing together the service needs of the local population, microfluidic technology and GE Healthcare’s newly launched small cyclotron technology to provide a service which will put the sub-region in a prominent international position in regard to PET-CT research and development. The Jack Brignall PET-CT Centre was opened in 2014 at a cost of £4.7 million and is now scanning in excess of 2400 patients annually using a state-of-the-art Siemens Flow Edge Scanner.

The next stage (Phase 2b) is to compliment this clinical service with a cyclotron facility and radiopharmacy unit.  Construction has begun and it is anticipated that the Molecular Imaging Research Centre will be completed by the end of 2018 with a further £7.2 million having been raised.

We extend our congratulations to Nick on receiving an OBE for all his determination, dedication and hard work.