Sarah Green and her friend completed the 9 Dragons Ultra Trail Race in Hong Kong recently raising £428.75 for the Daisy Appeal – well done and many thanks for all your hard work and determination!

Sarah describes below her experience;

The race started at 7.30 in the morning. The temperature was approximately 20 degrees and not too humid or sunny – making it perfect running conditions. The first 5K of the race is all up hill – we climbed over a mountain called Cloudy Hill. The next big climb wasn’t far away, at around 11K. We climbed a mountain called Tai To Yan. Then after 20K came the biggest climb of the race – Tai Mo Shan – this is the biggest mountain in Hong Kong, and it was a tough climb. We were climbing for over an hour, which was tough when we had already completed 20K of the race and had been in the mountains for 4.5 hours already. But we got there, and thankfully the top of the mountain is flat for a while so it was much easier on our legs. After the big climb, came a big descent. We were joined by monkeys at a few points in the race, which was a nice distraction for a few km.

Each check point (where you can get food, water etc.) has its own cut off time, meaning you need to reach certain points in the race by certain times. We reached the last check point with 7 minutes to spare. So it was close! After the last check point, we only had 8Km to go until the end, but unfortunately it was now dark so it made it a little harder. We needed our head torches. We crossed the finish line with 15 minutes to spare, in 12 hours 14 mins (overall cut off time for the race was 12.5 hours), where burgers, wraps and beers awaited us.

Total distance = 54K.

Total elevation = 3,700m (to put this into perspective it is the same as climbing to the top of Everest from base camp).

Pictured; Saara and Sarah at the finishing line.